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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Apr 15, 2022

Do you live with diabetes, or know someone who does? This episode is a must-listen. NYT bestselling author Dr. Cyrus Khambatta shares his research on how a whole foods, plant-based diet can help Type 1 diabetes, Type 1.5 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes. 

  • Reversing or controlling diabetes through a plant-based diet
  • Why restricting carbs isn’t enough to effectively manage blood glucose
  • How eating lots of fruits & veggies can decrease insulin requirements
  • The differences between the 6 types of diabetes
  • How cognitive decline is related to insulin resistance
  • Saturated fats & the creation of type 2 diabetes 
  • Our organs & how they digest food
  • Insulin and how it works in the body
  • Foods to include and stay away from to control or reverse diabetes
  • The side effects of diabetes & how they can be prevented with plant-based foods
  • Defining your WHY to stay inspired to keep lifestyle changes
  • The importance of community that is aligned with your goals
  • Chronic disease reversal as a emerging branch of medicine