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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

How do you reduce food waste, motivate yourself to cook healthy food at home, and keep your kitchen clean? Kristen Hong, author of Fridge Love and expert at organizing fridges and pantries is on the show to share her best tips for making food storage easy and fun!


Show Notes:

  • How Kristen got into organizing fridges...

Aug 15, 2022

How can you convince your family to go plant-based with you? Harley Quinn Smith is an actress and outspoken vegan lifestyle advocate who did just that through leading with kindness and compassion, and she’s here to share her story with us!


Show Notes:

  • Harley Quinn’s journey from being a musician to becoming an...

Aug 8, 2022

How do you find the best vegan snacks at a theme park? Russell Heiman, aka @rollercoastervegan travels the world adding to his 590+ list of roller coasters ridden, and they find the best vegan snacks in the process. They’re on the show to talk about their best theme park tips!

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Aug 1, 2022

How can you improve the health of an entire fire station? Rip Esselstyn joined the fire department after 10 years as a professional plant-based triathlete, and that’s exactly what he did! Now, Rip empowers the masses to take control of their health through his books, podcast, food brand, and more.


Show Notes:

  • The...