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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

How do you reduce food waste, motivate yourself to cook healthy food at home, and keep your kitchen clean? Kristen Hong, author of Fridge Love and expert at organizing fridges and pantries is on the show to share her best tips for making food storage easy and fun!


Show Notes:

  • How Kristen got into organizing fridges and food saving
  • What is a nutritarian?
  • The amazing benefits that you can expect once you start organizing your kitchen
  • How setting aside 15 minutes per week to organize your fridge can change the way you eat and reduce food waste
  • How you can unlock a new way of thinking about food and your fridge
  • How to get started with organizing your fridge
  • How to bring intention into your fridge
  • How to start organizing with what you already have at home
  • When to upgrade your storage containers
  • The benefits of “buy nothing” groups
  • What to think of and do before you get started organizing your fridge
  • Tips for deep cleaning your fridge
  • The importance of showcasing your produce & avoiding putting it in the crisper drawers
  • Best ways to store produce for maximum shelf life
  • Container recommendations for fridges and freezers
  • How Kristen navigates having an omnivore fridge while being vegan
  • Tips for organizing your pantry & creating one if your kitchen doesn’t have pantry
  • The importance of recognizing what works best for you when organizing your kitchen
  • Thank you to our sponsors Maxine’s Heavenly (use discount code PLANTS25) and AMARA