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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Mar 1, 2024

Everybody poops! But for some it’s not so easy and if so, this episode is for you. We’ve all heard about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), but you may be shocked at just how common and commonly undiagnosed it is! 

We’ve brought you registered dietitians Dahlia Marin and James Marin to learn all the ins and outs of...

Feb 15, 2024

Life is BUSY, but here’s how to get back more time in your day and the tool that will make that happen! You’ve likely heard of or already own an Instant Pot, but have you wondered if you’re taking advantage of all it’s capable of? Are you really using it to free you to live a more active life? 

We get it,...

Feb 1, 2024

Do NOT skip this episode - it’s lifesaving! Today we’re talking about the scary “C” word (cancer), but we promise that by the end of the episode you’ll feel anything but scared, and instead feel totally empowered to protect yourself and your loved ones, starting today!

Dr. Kristi Funk, breast cancer surgeon...

Jan 15, 2024

What do you really need to know about nutrition to be healthy and happy? From phytochemicals and flavonoids, we've brought you the evidence-based expert who’s deep-dived to share how to truly live a joyous life without food issues and information overload weighing you down!

Desiree Nielsen, registered dietitian and...

Jan 1, 2024

We have the New Year inspiration you need to transform your health & live out your calling! Bobby Sud shares his wildly inspiring journey of going plant-based, reversing diabetes, and finding his purpose. He reveals the secrets to becoming the better version of yourself... and it's closer and simpler than you think!