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Plant-Powered People Podcast

May 15, 2022

A pacifist vegan with ties to the mob who fight-fixes, but also would never hurt a fly? Sounds like one big oxymoron, but in fact all of this (and more) is embodied in jazz musician and longtime animal advocate Charles Farrell. Charles shares how he would often take boxing and musician friends and clients to Buddha’s Delight, a vegan restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown, to share animal-free cooking with unlikely customers who were always won over by the delicious food. He mentions how he moved tarantulas safely out of his path while walking barefoot through the rainforests of Puerto Rico, and how he often came up against the classic “You don’t eat meat?” incredulous question from hard-boiled Boston and New York mobsters. Enjoy this fascinating episode!


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Show notes:

  • Navigating being the only vegan/vegetarian among family & friends in Boston
  • Fluctuating between being a working musician & being a gangster
  • Getting out of dangerous situations
  • Ethics & decision making
  • Exercising empathy & connection with others
  • Natural empathy vs. learned empathy
  • Making conscious decisions to avoid harm towards all beings
  • Tips for maintaining kindness & compassion within different social circles
  • Turning bad habits into good ones
  • The plant-based food industry & how it is promoted
  • Dealing with a population who thought the vegan lifestyle is not healthy
  • Charles’ advice for new vegans & those considering the vegan lifestyle
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