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Plant-Powered People Podcast

May 1, 2022

Vegan athletes are competing at the highest level in virtually every sport — and winning! Robert Cheeke, longtime vegan bodybuilder and NYT bestselling co-author of The Plant-Based Athlete, shares why plant-based athletes have a competitive advantage.

He also shares his experiences thriving as an athlete long-term on a plant-based diet.

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  • Growing up in an animal farming environment
  • Pursuing a plant-based lifestyle despite concerns of coaches, friends, & family
  • Bodybuilding on a vegan diet & putting on 100lbs of healthy weight
  • Some famous professional athletes who are plant-based
  • Inflammation & how food choices impact recovery for athletes
  • The ANDY score and ranking foods on nutrient density
  • Why an athlete can look healthy on the outside but be sick on the inside
  • Athletes who continue competing at a high level later in life thanks to a vegan diet
  • Why some animal protein powders can be dangerous & the benefits of vegan protein
  • Why you don’t need protein powder to build muscle
  • Energy levels & getting enough calories on a plant-based diet
  • Top supplements for vegans that are actually helpful
  • The importance of community