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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Apr 1, 2022

Jami Gerke is a midwesterner who is used to buying a whole cow and splitting it with her whole family. When she decided to transition to vegan living (which is still a work in progress), her family had to make a huge adjustment to support her decision.

  • Our Sponsors: Better Than Bouillon, a Life-changer for Soup Lovers
  • Veestro, an Exciting Vegan Meal Delivery Service
  • Living plant based in a community without many vegan options
  • The challenge of being vegan somewhere where it’s politicized
  • Growing up in midwest USA farm culture & switching to plant-based
  • Reversing pre-diabetes with diet changes
  • Joint health & eating plant-based
  • Leading by example to address judgments & challenges about the vegan lifestyle
  • Navigating the restaurants and grocery stores that aren’t vegan friendly
  • How keeping it simple helps the transition to plant-based living
  • Switching to a plant-based lifestyle with kids
  • Tips to clear out your home from non vegan ingredients without wasting
  • Advice on choosing healthy, whole vegan food over pre-packed & processed
  • Using willpower & preparing for non-vegan cravings 
  • Armoring yourself with knowledge to stand up for your food choices
  • How to practice strong & respectful communication about plant-based decisions