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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Apr 8, 2022

Do you have kids? Are you thinking of raising vegan kids in the future? If so, this episode is for you!

From school lunches to kids’ birthday parties and every meal and snack in between, having plant-based kids can be a challenge. That’s why we had the Vegucated documentary  creator, The Vegucated Family Table co-author, and plant-based mom, Marisa Miller Wolfson on the show!

We talk all about how to navigate the challenges and wins of having kids with a vegan lifestyle. You’ll get lots of advice on how you can make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle easier for your family, and tips to keep it going long-term! We also talk about the power of vegan documentaries and what got us onto the vegan path.


♡ Michelle & Toni

Show Notes:

  • Thank you to our sponsors, Caraway Home and Gaiam.
  • Special discount code for our listeners: use the code PLANTPOWEREDKITCHEN for 10% off of your Caraway pans.
  • Vegan lifestyle as a parent
  • Growing up eating meat and transitioning into plant-based
  • The power of documentaries on the vegan path
  • Navigating the non-vegan food systems at schools
  • Helping your kids to understand why their food is different
  • How to explain veganism and where meat comes from to children
  • Talking about compassion and respect for other peoples’ choices with your kids
  • Advice for parents who want to transition their family’s lifestyle
  • Planning for a plant-based halloween 
  • How to navigate when your kid is invited to a non-vegan party
  • How being involved in your kids social life can be helpful
  • Being part of a community that is making the world a better place