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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Dec 1, 2022

Dan Buettner is an award-winning journalist and producer at National Geographic who has spent most of his life identifying and studying “blue zones” - the 5 areas of the world where people live the longest, with the lowest disease rates. Today he’s telling us all about how a plant-based diet ties into their health and longevity.


Show Notes:

  • Dan’s unique stories from his many quests and expeditions with National Geographic
  • Dan’s experience with archeological expeditions
  • What is a blue zone?
  • How Dan discovered the 5 blue zones and why they got the name “blue zones”
  • The characteristics the people in blue zones
  • Carbohydrates: the confusion and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them
  • The difference between good and bad carbohydrates
  • How the Standard American Diet came to be
  • How the Standard American Diet ended up including so much added sugar
  • Why it can be so difficult to make diet changes even when we know something is bad for us
  • The role our environment and community play in our health
  • Blue zone-like habits that you can incorporate into your life without travelling anywhere
  • Why Dan transitioned into a plant-based lifestyle as a result of studying blue zones
  • How to make it easier for others to make more plant-based diet choices
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people that inspire your health goals
  • Some simple guidelines for adopting a healthier, plant-based lifestyle
  • A little challenge for you to start incorporating healthy, delicious recipes into your life long-term
  • Evidence-based tips to get young, picky eaters to eat vegetables
  • Healthy cultural ways of eating that we should take note of
  • About Dan’s new book
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