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Plant-Powered People Podcast

May 8, 2022

How did heart disease become the leading cause of death in the west, and how can we prevent and reverse it? Dr. Esselstyn is here to share how we all have the power to prevent and reverse decades of abuse to our endothelial cells from eating the Standard American Diet by eating plant-based foods.

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Show Notes:

  • Dr. Esselstyn’s story & accomplishments
  • Why the prevalence of disease in the USA is higher compared to other countries
  • What heart disease is & how it is caused
  • How early the foundations for heart disease begin
  • The importance of nitric oxide and the endothelium for cardiovascular health
  • The future of heart disease treatment
  • The missing pieces in typical heart disease treatment
  • The foods that cause heart disease & why animal products are bad
  • Whole, plant-based foods that help reverse heart disease
  • Why heart disease is more prevalent as we age
  • How balsamic and rice vinegar with greens can help reverse heart disease
  • The importance of chewing greens vs. using them in smoothies 
  • How fluoride & antacids can contribute to the onset of heart disease
  • Why the Standard American Diet injures our heart & bodies
  • How heart attacks are caused
  • How an 87 year old reversed his heart disease with plant-based food
  • Advice for those recently diagnosed with heart disease
  • Sample plant-based menu for preventing & reversing heart disease
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