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Plant-Powered People Podcast

Aug 1, 2023

Is the future of meat fungi? Paul Shapiro thinks so! In this episode we dive deep into the world of alternative proteins with the author of the national bestseller Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World. Paul is also the CEO of The Better Meat Co., a five-time TEDx speaker, the host of the Business for Good Podcast, and a long-time leader in food sustainability.

Your Hosts: Toni Okamoto & Michelle Cehn 

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Show Notes

Dear friends,

Get ready to sink your teeth into the juicy topic of alternative proteins—including cultivated meat (aka cultured meat or lab-grown meat), plant-based meats, and even fungi meat!

Oh, but hold your tofu—it's not just some veggie tale. These innovations are true game-changers that are redirecting what the future of food will look like!

And guess what? We've got the ultimate protein pro in the house! Please welcome the incredible Paul Shapiro, a bestselling author, podcaster, CEO extraordinaire, and yep, you guessed it, Toni's better half.

Paul is a fun-guy who spends his days whipping up a fungi storm at The Better Meat Co., fighting for food sustainability and a world where animals can live their best lives.

Join us as Paul spills the mushrooms on mind-blowing alternative protein solutions. Brace yourselves for the scoop on growing meat without the moo, and get ready to feast your ears on the tantalizing wonders of mycoproteins—nature's very own superfood.

Whether you're a devoted herbivore or a curious carnivore, this episode will have you drooling with excitement! So, if you're hungry for a taste of the future, pull up a chair and tune in, because we're serving up a sizzling blend of entertainment and education. It's time to meat the revolution!

♡ Michelle & Toni 

Key Points From the Episode: 

  • Paul’s journey toward becoming vegan

  • The evolution of Paul’s approach to helping animals

  • How Paul and Toni met

  • Paul’s experience making and distributing animal welfare documentaries

  • A short history of how animal exploitation has decreased due to human inventions

  • Paul’s journey toward founding the Better Meat Co.

  • Paul’s take on why cultivated (human-grown) meat is beneficial for the world, even among so many plant-based options

  • The surprising statistics about the demand for animal products

  • The process of creating cultivated meat

  • Understanding that there is no perfect way to be vegan

  • Why cultivated meat is a cleaner and safer way to produce meat

  • The top 3 things that motivate food purchasing decisions

  • Mycoprotein: What it is and why it is a superfood whether you are vegan or not

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